Reflections on 2020

Bushfires. Pandemic. Lockdowns. Remote Learning 1.0 and 2.0. What a year it has been. Before the door closes for some rest and recovery, time now for some reflections on the experience of this year and the implications for the future. The context for this reflection is my work as Assistant Principal for Curriculum at Wodonga… Continue reading Reflections on 2020

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Lockdown Leadership: Balancing the full picture of student needs

Looking forward to presenting as part of the Educational Data Talks Lessons From Lockdown online conference on Thursday 10 September. Sharing the experience of remote learning at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. I’ll post the slides here and would welcome any comments or questions from attendees.

New STAV Website

A long time in the making, pleased to be part of creating and launching the new website of the Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV)

STAV STEM & LabTech Online Conference

Very pleased to launch the inaugural STAV STEM & LabTech Online Conference. A huge achievement by all involved to bring this innovate new event to fruition in challenging times.

Continuous Learning Toolkit

Great to see our continuous learning model featured in the School for Tomorrow Continuous Learning Toolkit Volume II: Leading through Crisis. The quote from me: Wodonga Senior Secondary College recognises and values the complete picture of student needs. We care deeply about all our students and work in partnership with them to ensure they all… Continue reading Continuous Learning Toolkit

PEARLS: Metacognition

Reflecting on two outstanding days of professional learning on metacognition and self-regulation as part of the PEARLs project presented by Evidence 4 Learning and the Science of Learning Research Centre. The guidance report from Evidence 4 Learning is an excellent resource and we look forward to implementing at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Greatly appreciate of… Continue reading PEARLS: Metacognition

How do heavy things fly?

STAV Physics Conference, 14 February 2020 – Session B5 How do heavy things fly – making the most of this option study . Presentation Powerpoint slides Questions, Comments, Feedback – Padlet Resources Prof Pilot Videos – succint, quite simple and accurate, engaging VCAA Advice to Teachers – good examples of possible activities Vic Physics page… Continue reading How do heavy things fly?

Site redevelopment

A quick note that this site is under complete overhaul at the moment. Some older content may not be visible for a few weeks.

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Physics Karaoke

Sharing teacher developed online resources. Paul Fielding and Paul Fitz-Gerald – Unit 2 Physics Investigation Jane Coyle – VCE Physics (new course) Michael Rosenbrock Vic Sci Ed Facebook Group   Other resources (by Justin Vincent) STEM Victoria Facebook Group Vic Physics Physics @ MHS Platforms for developing your own website WordPress Weebly… Continue reading Physics Karaoke

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Textbook has arrived!

Officially an author of a real live textbook (part thereof) that is sitting on my desk!!

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STEM in the new VCE Science Study Designs

Presented at the STAV and Quantum Victoria ICT-STEM Conference on August 28, 2015. STEM in the new VCE Science Study Designs – Presentation Slides PDF Links referred to in the presentation Revised VCE Science Study Designs Audri’s Rube Goldberg Machine WSSC Rube Goldberg Machines in Year 10 Advanced Science Melbourne University Amazing Spaghetti Machine Competition Math… Continue reading STEM in the new VCE Science Study Designs

Hexaflexagon Fun

Thanks to Twitter and YouTube, I recently came to watch Vi Hart’s videos on hexaflexagons (her YouTube channel has some fascinating maths in it wrapped up in some very engaging and creative videos!). A great idea for my Year 10 Maths class. Hence the essential question for the next lesson… And some flexagation fun ensued! If you… Continue reading Hexaflexagon Fun

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STAVCON Presentation: Flipped Learning

On Thursday 28 November2013 I presented a session on Flipped Learning at STAVCON in Melbourne. The presentation and related resources are below. Questions and Suggestions – a backchannel to leave any questions or suggestions that you think of during the presentation (Padlet) Presentation slides Reflection – what will you try in your teaching practice (Padlet)… Continue reading STAVCON Presentation: Flipped Learning