PEARLS: Metacognition

Reflecting on two outstanding days of professional learning on metacognition and self-regulation as part of the PEARLs project presented by Evidence 4 Learning and the Science of Learning Research Centre. The guidance report from Evidence 4 Learning is an excellent resource and we look forward to implementing at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Greatly appreciate of the scholarship that allowed us to take a team of five to this professional learning.

Key Problems

The three key problems identified:

1. Students get stuck (in the learning pit) and do not have the strategies or language.

2. Staff and students are not all explicitly aware of metacognitive strategies.

3. Outcomes are lower across the board due to lowmetacognition (achievement, retention, pathways).

Hopeful Outcomes

The three hopeful outcomes from this work:

1. Students can articulate where they are at with their learning, making an informed decision of what to do next (and articulating that) – students usingmetacognitive self talk

2. Staff and students share a commonunderstanding of and language for metacognition

3. Outcomes across the board (achievement, retention, pathways) will improve

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