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  • Implementing metacognitive strategies (Teacher Magazine)

    Great to have our work at WSSC on metacognition in partnership with Evidence 4 Learning featured in this teacher magazine article.

  • STEM outdoor learning space

    A number of years ago I worked with my dedicated and passionate colleagues to conceptualise, design and bring to life an outdoor STEM learning space. A few years later it has been great to take a few moments to sit in the shade and enjoy this beautiful learning environment. Thanks to all for their efforts […]

  • Tiered Academic Support (TAS) at WSSC

    The Tiered Academic Support (TAS) program developed for 2021 at Wodonga Senior Secondary College brings together myriad existing programs into a consistent framework. We have been working to draw on all available data to develop a clear picture of student needs. A key aspect of our Tiered Academic Support (TAS) program is that the tiers […]

  • Explicitly linking metacognition and literacy

    The evolution of our work on literacy and meta-cognition continues at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Today I was very proud to share with all staff our Literacy & Metacognition Framework. Behind this model sits a detailed continuum which we will use over coming years to chart and guide our journey of growth. Thanks to all who […]

  • New STAV Website

    A long time in the making, pleased to be part of creating and launching the new website of the Science Teachers Association of Victoria (STAV)

  • STAV STEM & LabTech Online Conference

    Very pleased to launch the inaugural STAV STEM & LabTech Online Conference. A huge achievement by all involved to bring this innovate new event to fruition in challenging times.

  • Learning in Lockdown (Teacher Magazine article)

    Excited to have my recent contribution published in ACER’s Teacher Magazine. https://www.teachermagazine.com.au/articles/learning-in-lockdown-rural-schools

  • Webinar: Fostering Student Wellbeing

    Looking forward to being on the panel at the upcoming Evidence 4 Learning webinar on Fostering Student Wellbeing. Update: Available on YouTube below and slides available in PDF format

  • Continuous Learning Toolkit

    Great to see our continuous learning model featured in the School for Tomorrow Continuous Learning Toolkit Volume II: Leading through Crisis. The quote from me: Wodonga Senior Secondary College recognises and values the complete picture of student needs. We care deeply about all our students and work in partnership with them to ensure they all […]

  • PEARLS: Metacognition

    Reflecting on two outstanding days of professional learning on metacognition and self-regulation as part of the PEARLs project presented by Evidence 4 Learning and the Science of Learning Research Centre. The guidance report from Evidence 4 Learning is an excellent resource and we look forward to implementing at Wodonga Senior Secondary College. Greatly appreciate of […]

  • Jacaranda Physics 1

    Revised edition is now published. Even better this time with my name on the front!!

  • Scaffolding Literacy with Misty Adoniou

    Key takeaways from this whole day professional learning session: Why don’t students meet year 9 literacy benchmarks – they write as they speak By year 9 a student needs a really deep language reservoir – as educators we need to give them the opportunity to fill that reservoir – by giving them more language We […]